The intimacy   (2010 - 2019)

"Private space of each person, at a physical, emotional and spiritual level".


This project proposes a reflection on what I have called "the intimacy": the private space of each person, at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, especially in large cities. And how the mutual respect for this space, it should be possible in any society that perceives it as a common good.

Surely some of the first images of Tokyo that come us to mind are of seemingly chaotic crowds, or urban highways running between glittering and lofty skyscrapers. But there is another reality that goes almost unnoticed at first glance: where silence, stillness, respect for others and for the community, are permanently present.

It is not an approach with a documentary vocation; I have used images found in urban locations of the Japanese capital, as visual metaphors to represent the respect for the feelings, thoughts and physical space of each individual, in the daily coexistence between the fellow citizens in any big city. In opposition to the countless violations or interferences that our "private space" suffers daily in most societies.

The idea for this series came up while I was working in the metropolis on two previous projects ("Ashimoto" and "Kagami"). During my stays in Tokyo, I experienced a level of respect for what I have called "the intimacy", previously unimaginable to me. An experience not related –and I want to emphasize it– with the idea of ​​loneliness, although it may be an easier reading to do. My "private space" remained intact. No one went through it without my permission. Not a single day, not a single moment. A feeling of peace and serenity was surrounding me day after day, motivating my return, to represent this lived feeling in images.














































This project was made thanks to the award in 2010, of a Research and Creation Grant in the Visual Arts section, by CoNCA (National Council for Culture and Arts, Generalitat de Catalunya).



videoart works:
La intimitat - I
La intimitat - II  


THE INTIMACY  in solo exhibitions

2020   LA INTIMIDAD,  Instituto Cervantes Tokyo -online-, Tokyo (Japan)
2018   TOKYO ÍNTIM,  Galeria Agüí, Andorra la Vella (Principallity of Andorra)   
2017   TOKYO ÍNTIMO,  LPBC, Barcelona
2013   LA INTIMIDAD,  Mondo Galería, Madrid                                         
2012   TOKYO ÍNTIMO,  Patricia Conde Galería, México city (México)                                       
2011   LA INTIMIDAD,  Sala Enart, Lleida

THE INTIMACY  in group exhibitions

2021   Based on True Stories, Sala Sabadell Herrero, Oviedo
2020   Based on True Stories, Fundació Foto Colectania, Barcelona
2014   Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul (South Korea)
2013   Languages and Aesthetics of Spanish Video Art, Songwon Art Center, Seoul (South Korea)
2013   Videoakt 03, International Videoart Biennial, Auditorium French Institute, Barcelona
2013   4colors, The square of Arts, San Petersburgo (Russia)
2013   Tres projectes. Fotografia,  Galeria Atelier, Barcelona
2012   Entre Ville et paysage,  Galerie Detaille, Marsella (France)
2011   Difracción,  Patricia Conde Galería, México city (Mexico)          
2011   On quan qui?,  Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona

THE INTIMACY  in fairs

2018   Fotofever,  Fiftydots Gallery, París (France)
2012   VIP ART Fair,  Patricia Conde Galería, Nueva York (USA)
2012   Lima Photo 2012,  Patricia Conde Galería, Lima (Perú)
2011   Madridfoto 2011,  Galeria Rita Castellote, Madrid

THE INTIMACY  in collections



Exhibition at Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, 2020 -online-